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Towards a vegan, ethical, climate-friendly, and just world, the Plant-Based Treaty calls for a movement to transition to climate-resilient as well as non-exploitative systems. 

Individuals, businesses, and political leaders around the world are urged to take action through the new campaign led by Climate Save Movement namely the Plant Based Treaty. It is based on three Rs; Relinquish, Redirect and Restore. 

Relinquish: Stop the problem from increasing – No land-use change, including deforestation, for animal agriculture; Redirect: Eliminate the driving forces behind the problem – Promotion of plant-based foods and actively transition away from animal-based food systems to plant-based systems; Restore:  Actively healing the problem while building resilience and mitigating climate change -Restore key ecosystems and reforest the earth.

Climate Save India and Animal Save India launched the treaty in India and as of now, we have NINE INDIAN CITIES namely Ahmedabad, Amravati, Bhavnagar, Bhuj City, Bhujpur, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Thane, and Vadodara on the list of endorsers of this treaty. The Mayors of these cities have been quite vocal about the state of our climate and have openly pledged to support and work in line with the demands understated in the treaty.

In Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) the city mayor, Dr. Swati Godbole, cited how “there would be no Narmada river if there were no trees. And we wouldn’t have Jabalpur if it weren’t for the Narmada! We must act quickly to protect our water bodies, plant trees, and eat more sustainably!”

In Nagpur (Maharashtra), Mr. Dayashankar Tiwari who is the city mayor has been engaged in creating oxygen zones throughout the city with an intensive tree plantation initiative which has currently put 1000+ trees which include both fruiting and indigenous varieties in a single zone. They plan to expand more and more ideas alongside the Plant Based Treaty. Actions directed towards natural and Ayurvedic patterns of science are also considered.

In Amravati (Maharashtra), Mayor Mr. Chetan Gawande expressed the urgency of Climate Action and how recent events of climate change are evident to the future like unprecedented rains and rising temperatures. 

Other cities which are in Gujarat have endorsed the Treaty including Bhuj city mayor and Bhujpur Sarpanch has similar solidarity with the realization of action aiming to halt the planet’s degradation.

Ahmedabad city mayor applauded and said in the letter that “We appreciate your initiative and efforts towards our planet i.e Plant-Based Treaty. We are in support of the initiative your organization is taking to stop deforestation. Also, we appreciate your Restoration theme to reduce the effect of greenhouse gases. Our best wishes for your hard work for humans, the environment, and for making our planet green again.”

Mr. Naresh Mhaske the mayor of Thane in Maharashtra cited in the letter he penned down that,

“I endorse the Plant Based Treaty because through the medium of this treaty we understand how degrading climate change is, and not only for the environment but also for our citizens and animals alike.”

He proudly ascertained that Thane is a clean and green city and has won several awards for maintaining its cleanliness. To keep the city clean and green, Thane Municipal Corporation initiates the Tree Plantation drive every year in various parts of the cities. He even reinstated the need for the hour to maintain the environmental balance. For living a better life, it’s very important to grow more trees. 

In Vadodara, Gujarat, Mayor Keyur Rokadi mentioned how Animal Agriculture is a very potent danger to our planet and thus this treaty is integral to a better world for all!

Kirtibala Danidhariya who is the mayor of Bhavnagar city in Gujarat as well, which is the latest city, endorsed the Plant Based Treaty with happiness and appreciation of the issues that it stands by. She particularly urged a change in the education which is taught to students for climate resilience. She promisingly extended full support towards the campaign and rooted for the compassionate approach that safeguards the environment and not only that supports Animal Rights.

The Plant Based Treaty has had global endorsements of up to almost 25,000 individuals, up to 1000 businesses and organizations, and many eminent people who are vocal about the issues that they stand by. 

Indian actress Sadaa Syed, Bollywood actress Sneha Ullal, Singer-composer Anushka Manchanda, Indian Classical Artist Teejan Bai, Sand Artist Sahoo, Vegan Society Founder Shankar Narayan, and many more eminent people like Ela Gandhi have done so. Businesses that have endorsed too include Whitecub, Altfoods, Ubuntu Eats, An Ode To Gaia, and Good Dot amongst others. International endorsers include IPCC expert reviewer Peter Carter from the Climate Emergency Institute.


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