Sat. Aug 13th, 2022

Realme is a well-known brand for its budget (Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000) and mid-range phones (Rs. 20,000-Rs. 30,000) smartphones. But now it’s preparing for something even more ambitious: the ultra-premium segment with almost $ 800 new flagship, according to company founder and CEO Sky Li.

However, for Realme, persuading consumers to spend more for their device may prove to be a tough challenge to solve and we wonder why.

First, Realme will have to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, which currently dominate the premium smartphone market. Realme’s siblings Oppo and OnePlus have already made their debut in the high-end market and are offering customers a variety of options. But OnePlus only worked well in the ultra-premium segment and was able to make a dent in a market like Apple and Samsung monopoly especially in India.

Second, it is easier than convincing customers to pay a premium. The established Samsung Galaxy S series or even Apple’s iPhones offer a further way in terms of the flagship experience. In fact, Realme’s rival Xiaomi tried to enter the premium segment but was not a big success. Both Xiaomi and Realme are considered value-added budget phone sellers, so convincing consumers to buy their flagship phones can be a big challenge for the company.

As Xiaomi’s example shows, especially in India, breaking the concept of a budget-centric brand is not an easy task.

Third, I would argue that Realme should enhance its camera game if it wants to compete fiercely in the premium segment. People buy flagship phones to get powerful performance and a great photography experience. While many users are getting faster performance with affordable premium devices, the cameras in budget phones still do not have the enhanced experience of their premium counterparts. If the company wants to take Apple, OnePlus, and Samsung seriously, it needs to improve the camera quality of its phones.

In my experience, Rs. 35,000 to Rs. Realme phones in the 40,000 price bracket need improvements in front of the camera. I saw wide angle shots, in particular, that were very noisy and often seemed to be washed away. Maybe Realme could follow OnePlus’ strategy and partner with a tech company to improve its camera results, but this time it was all speculation.

Fourth, although Realme has made progress in this area, it also needs to improve its software gameplay. You will still find a lot of bloatware on affordable real-time smartphones, which is not to be expected on flagship devices. Users are also expected to get security and Android updates for a long time with the flagship phone.

When Realme began its journey in May 2018, Xiaomi dominated most of the budget smartphone market. In just a few years, the company has successfully established itself in the budget and mid-range smartphone market by providing value for money phones and increasing the size of device launches across price points. But Realme does not apply its volume strategy even in the high-end segment ఎందుకంటే because it does not work. Overall, the focus should be on improving a phone experience, especially if you want to seriously consider the premium segment in terms of camera and software.

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